November 2019

Submission Question: "What are you thankful for?"

Thankful for a Team 

By Lily Tun-Brown

As a new student to the El Segundo school district this year, I was extremely nervous for the start of school. I was even more worried about being able to make friends and fit in here. A few months ago, right before my freshman year started, I was so happy to be able to join the school’s volleyball team. What I thought would just be a great opportunity to play the sport that I loved ended up turning into much more than that. Instead, I gained a family. I met so many amazing people and coaches along the way that really helped me feel like I belonged at this school. I’ll forever be thankful for all the new friends I made and for being greeted with an extremely warm welcome. I also greatly appreciated my coach, Mr. Lund’s, hard work in helping me become a much better person, student, and volleyball player. I truly believe that my amazing volleyball family is the reason why my freshman year has been outstanding so far. 

Thankful for Homework?

Allie Barnett 


In the spirit of Thanksgiving and gratitude, I tried to think of what I’m grateful for. Sure, the
typical aspects of family and friends, a place to call home, or living in this country come to mind.
And while those can be beautiful stories, I don’t know if those are my most powerful ones. What
really resonates for me is that I have homework. Before you think I have Stockholm Syndrome,
let me explain. I get to go to a school, which many girls across the globe cannot relate to. Then, I
get to sit in class, engage and learn from teachers in a relatively decent sized class, whereas some
schools have teachers who have overcrowded, underfunded classes. At home or at the local
library, filled with easily accessible resources, I get to complete study tools or further practice
studies. On top of that, I am capable of completing this without complications that would inhibit my learning capacity. There is no government force, no lack of availability or attention, no inaccessibility to a safe place to work, that holds me back from homework. All that holds me back is either other engagements, such as doing things for our school theater or being with loved ones, or my own procrastination. I am thankful that I have the ability to learn and grow, with no inhibitions placed on me that I can’t conquer.

Our Athletes Are Thankful 

Brock Wilson


As Fall comes to a close and Winter begins, our Fall sport athletes say goodbye to their
2019-2020 seasons. As Eagles, we also say goodbye to our renowned Football coach, Steve
Shevlin. We thank Shev for an amazing 26 years, not only for his legendary coaching, but for his
work for the community of El Segundo. For seniors, this signals the end of their athletic career as
Eagles. We wish them the best and thank them for the amount of hard work they dedicated to El
Segundo High School. All sports gave it their all and showed their Eagle Pride extremely well.
For the spirit of Thanksgiving, athletes from each Fall sport were asked what they’re thankful
for. Having one of the best seasons in the school’s history, Girl’s Tennis won league finals and
punched a ticket to CIF as a team. Singles player Nika Masuzawa, and doubles team, Alli Armijo
and Mina Kreski will compete at individual CIF over the Thanksgiving break. Senior Jillian
Farris is thankful for the bond that's been created with her fellow teammates, “I’m thankful for
all the wonderful friendships I’ve built through the sport and the unforgettable memories”. Under
new head coach Tyler Ormsby, Boy’s Water Polo had a rocky start in the beginning of their
season. But once players found their niche, the team steamrolled all the way to becoming Ocean
League champs. Even after falling short in round 3 of CIF playoffs, the team could only show
excitement for their successful season. Junior star Mason Jaeger, shows his thankfulness for his
team, “Through our hard work and determination we came together and supported each other
through thick and thin”. In Shev’s final year, the Boy’s Football team had something to prove.
Kicking off the season with a couple of tough losses, the Eagles pulled together as a team and
strung some wins together. Although their end goal wasn’t accomplished, the Eagles fought
through adversity and left everything on the field. Senior left guard Gerardo Blanco thanks his
team, “Thank you to all my coaches and teammates that became my second family”. Along with
Football, Cheerleading also finished their Fall Season. Our Eagles performed advanced stunts
and gave fuel to our student section and players. Senior cheerleader Gianna Pira shared her
thanks to her teammates, “ Thanks to our wonderful coaches and a dedicated team, we can create
an even better season for the remainder of the year”. Coming into this season with a young
lineup, Girl’s Volleyball showed a promising future. Our Eagles gave their blood, sweat, and
tears every game this season. Senior Ella Tichy showed her love for her team, “I am truly
grateful for a program like Volleyball that has allowed us to meet some of our closest friends.
We all look forward to beach season right around the corner”. Boy’s and Girl’s Cross Country,
under head coach Marcos Bolanos, continued their dominance. All runners exceeded
expectations and the Girls earned another Ocean League Championship for El Segundo. Both
Boys and Girls will compete at CIF Finals over the holiday break. Seniors Arend Verfaillie and
Sophia Zago thank their teammates and coaches. “I’m so thankful for my teammates and coaches
for helping me become the runner I am today and cannot thank them enough.”-Arend Verfaillie.
“I am thankful for such a supportive team who looks after one another and encourages everyone

to perform at their very best.” -Sophia Zago. Again, thank you to all of our Eagle athletes for
giving it their all this season. El Segundo High School could not ask for better athletes to
represent us both in action and in the classroom. Have a great Thanksgiving and a great week
off! Winter Sports, see you soon!

Thankful for Religious Freedom 

Maddie Nichols 

In life, there are many ups and downs but the thing that remains constant is faith. What am I
thankful for? I’m thankful for religions freedom. In many countries people are persecuted for
believing in God and do not have the privilege of worshiping freely. I’m so thankful that I live in
America because I am able to live out my faith everyday without being ashamed or afraid of
persecution. I see many people in my city and in my school expressing their beliefs and religions.
Their values make up who they are and because of religious freedom they are able to speak
freely about their faith. Just like them I am proud and unashamed of being a Christian. Faith is
what unifies people in a disagreeing world and I am so thankful that I have the freedom to
express my faith in God fearlessly.

Thankful for the Rain 

Elise Ramacciotti 

 The past two months, wildfires have ravaged Los Angeles. Burning crimson conflagrations have consumed people’s homes, and consumed their lives. The house of one of my close family friends was completely leveled by the flames; barely anything was left, aside from the charred structure. And while the loss was of a physical nature for her, it was spiritual as well. 

     While I had always felt deep remorse for the people whose lives were affected, my friend’s pain made it personal. Her loss made me re-examine my life and feel a certain gratitude for what I have. So when I say I am thankful for my home and my family, I am not being basic. I’m saying it because I mean it, and because many Californians are not able to say the same. 

     And now, I am thankful for the rain and hopeful for what it brings. Hopefully it dries the brush and will begin the prevention of another fire. For me, the rain means fresh starts and new beginnings. And I’m thankful for that. 

Thankful for the Details 

Uma Clemenceau 

When I think of what I am thankful for, I first think of the obvious— family, friends, shelter, and my health. But, I realize there are implied aspects of these things that I sometimes take for granted. So, this year I want to focus on the things that I tend to forget. I am not only thankful for the support of my family, but also that they are in good enough health and spirits to give me support. I am not only thankful for my house and my car, but also the fact that I can pay for the gas to drive the car, and the bill to keep the lights on in my house. I am not only thankful for my education, but also that I do not have to hold a job instead of doing homework to help pay bills. There are many more things I am thankful for that I too often forget: the fact that I live in a democracy and can attend a climate march to express my freedom of protest, the fact that I can walk at night and feel secure because I live in such a safe area, the fact that the classes I complain about will ultimately get me in to college when millions of humans are illiterate. But, in the stress of everyday life I lose perspective. My instantaneous priorities can seem the be-all-end-all and I can lose sight of the fact that I have endless things to be thankful for; that is why this year, I have decided to emphasize my gratefulness for some of my blessings that often go forgotten. 


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