2020 Winter Pep Rally

On the last day of January, music (provided by Lil Shleep) filled the South Quad as all of ESHS gathered for our annual Winter Pep Rally. As usual, it was jam-packed with a myriad of exciting festivities to engage the student body and rally behind our winter athletes. 

To get the crowd roaring, our cheer team performed a beautiful routine as our eagle mascots cheered them on and danced with people near the stands. The cheerleaders were followed by a dance by our staff (who definitely gave our spirit team a run for their money). Then our band surprised us with a demonstration of Trombone Suicide! The crowd was roaring as the band members were blindfolded and performed everyone’s favourite routine. We also got to hear interesting facts from all of our winter sports captains. 

Finally, the competition of the classes began. As the first challenge started, yoga balls were thrown into the stands as each class scrambled to get their ball down to the endpoint first. Although it was a close call the juniors came out on top.

The next challenge was an obstacle course. The stands were filled with cheers and laughter as the contestants attempted to make it through each challenge blindfolded. Although the juniors were in the lead, the freshman finally caught up and took first place. Our final challenge was in preparation for our upcoming scholar quiz. As one student from each grade competed to see which class is most likely to have winners for our Scholar quiz.


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