A year has come and gone

Sadly, it never feels likes long

I started my first season of track

I wish I could go back

I had my best Valentine’s ever

Will a day ever compare? Never

Skaties was one to remember

It showed me the beauty of December

Free waffles and many beach trips

Watching After, which was a hit and miss

Easter came and was a Disney adventure

Track won league, we showed everyone we were a contender

Learned how to grow, made friends with people I’m so happy to know

And realised a part of life was knowing when to let go

Pizza runs, PE locker room parties, and Olive Garden dinners

Universal frights, and building bonfire winners

A summer abroad: “Naughty Naughty”

Turned sixteen, what a party

My little pup flew away

And I had to learn to continue to live another day

Saw so much beauty, felt too much pain

But, through it all, I would never wish 2019 away



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