A Soldier from the Womb

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

For the country who cares not for our lives, our hearts or our minds But rather our tears sweat and blood we leave behind They conditioned our love for the fight

Before we could could even count to five

There are children playing with their little soldier toys Learning the beauty of the guns These children never got a shot at love

Too busy blissfully preparing themselves for Russian roulette

They were made to be the best puppets

They played with our minds

Teaching us their dreams were ours

Telling us to give up our lives

Never quite telling us why

We were conditioned by the ones who never set foot on lands flooded by blood

We were conditioned by those who never feared the whistle of a gun

Shackled by our dreams

and the pressures placed upon us

We were their perfect little toys

We knew exactly how to die

We thought we were free like a bird

We thought we knew what was life

We thought that we controlled the bonds nature

We believed we were kings that thrived in the fight

But we had never lived

And were never free

It was only the nature of war that saved us

The merciful Death, Oh you liberated us

At peace I finally closed my eyes

As I was free for once in my life

I had completed my task

The one they gave me

And in my final breath

I realised that am in the war was just what they wanted

They made a puppet, a pawn out of me


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