The Ashes of War ( Chapter 1 ) - Josie

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

The fresh breeze whistled through my curly brown locks carrying the faint scent of seawater from the ocean below. The view was breathtaking as I watched the sunset reflecting upon the calm waves of the Atlantic. The sound of the slow-moving water has always calmed my nerves whenever the pod was prepping for a new mission.

My name is Anabelle Thea Jones, though most just call me Thea. It's calming to know that with all of the unexpected twists and turns in life, I'll always have my faithful dragon, Twilight, beside me.

Twilight is a black Nightwing and has been with me since I was a baby. She has big beady eyes with a snakelike head and two large slick black wings on either side of her back. Twilight can shoot excruciatingly hot beams of fire. Nightwings are a very rare type of dragon and Twilight is one of the last of her kind just like I am one of the last ones left in my family line. When I was born both of my parents died from a village attack by the Daggereyes, who started a war with my people long before the time I was born. The only person I have left is my brother Dylan who I met when I was nine through a very dangerous encounter with Morphion, one of the generals for the Daggereyes. We both barely made it out with our lives, but since then we have become inseparable.

“We need to find a spot to camp out in for the night” Elizabeth shouted from atop of Zylea, her beautiful Chainteer dragon. Elizabeth has long flowy sandy blonde hair that cascades down her back and warm honeycomb eyes that always feel as if they are digging into your soul,”The sun will be down soon and we need to be out of enemy eye” She is the strategist in the group alongside Beck in my opinion.

“There should be an uncharted island due south, we should camp there,” Allen replies nonchalantly keeping his eyes glued to a map he was given from his parents before they went to fight in Mullenger and were announced missing in action. Before Ireland got involved in the war, Allen’s parents were explorers and liked to discover new things and places, just like their son who’s a head is full of knowledge and curiosity.

Unlike Allen, Sydney, his twin is nothing like their parents apart from the knowing fact that she is very clever. She always has a trick pulled up her sleeve. Her short brown waves and grassy green eyes differ greatly from Allen’s straight blonde hair and stormy grey eyes. Their personalities also contrast from Allen’s serious, adulted demeanor to Sydney’s childlike outgoing personality.

There are only six of us in our small pod but it has been rumored they are adding a new member during our next stop in Dublin. It has got me worried because we are very tight knit group and for most of us we are all we have. We trust each other with our lives and I don't want someone waltzing in and ruining that.

Right as Ryan shouts crazily ”Land Oho” I see the island of Ohosis appear in front of me. It was a beautiful place covered in green lush and surrounded by crystal clear beaches.

“ Its beautiful isnt it” I whisper in Twi’s ear as I look down and see her smiling in approval,” Don't see many places like this anymore do ya girl” , she huffs in response,”yah me neither.” I say as I gently pat her head.

‘Guess we found someplace the Daggereyes haven't destroyed yet” Elizabeth hums satisfyingly.

‘ Yah but it's going to die once it sees your face” Allen jokes at her, but Elizabeth just hisses in return “ When we land you better watch your back.”

“ Please like you can hurt me”

“ Watch me”

“ I'd like to see you try”

I just laughed at their playful banter. It feels good to see them both like that, they have been so stressed lately with Colonel Parker’s wishes for us.

I cirlce the area ahead of the rest of them and try and spot a good place to land.

“ Hey lovebirds “ I shout signalling for them to stop arguing and follow me” let's land over there by those two big trees , behind them is a nice, open place for the dragons to land.”

I stole one last glance behind me just as the sun slipped under the horizon leaving us with the little light from the moon and the light glow illuminating from Dylan’s Icynolander, Snowlake.

I prepped Twilight for the landing and we all settled into the cliff safely. “ We’ll pitch tent in the cave.”directed Beck and a chorus of nods followed so forth.”I’ll gather some firewood, come on Agustus” Beck continued as he trudged off with his night shadow into the thick canopy of woods.

“I’ll take the dragons to the stream and get water, tomorrow's a big day and we’ll need to be as prepared as possible. I’ll be back in a few with some food, be ready by then, okay?” I could only faintly hear their whispers in response as I scuffed off eastward with the dragons.

All I could hear was the sound of the plants around me being smashed and trampled by the feet of my group, so it was a surprise when I saw a Sabertooth fly towards me. I instinctively put out my arm so that it could perch on it. It was carrying a message in its beak stamped with the Daggereye seal. I slowly took hold of the note and unraveled it which read:


I do hope you know that wherever you are my men will come hunt you down. Whatever your planning will fail and you will only fall more into my trap. This will be a fun game to play especially with such skilled opponents, but in the end all of your hard work will be your downfall, the end of the Tarabi, and most certainly the death of your disgusting dragons. Remember you and your brother can always join the winning side, dear cousin.


I squeeze my eyes shut and try to calm myself down.

Just breath Thea. In. Out. In. Out. And you can tell the others tomorrow- they need their sleep. Yeah, tomorrow just try and forget about this.

I let out an uneasy breath and continued on forward trying to forget what I was just told.


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