The Ashes of War ( Chapter 2 ) - Josie

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

I could not get much sleep last night, every time I was about to drift off I was awoken by the unraveling note Zayn sent. I don't get what he means by the game or my downfall. I highly doubt that even Zayn would stoop so low as to kill his own kin. I mean he practically helped raise me until he disappeared one night and I discovered 3 years later when I met Dylan that he had become a general for the Daggereyes.

We were all gathered around the firepit which was now put out. All throughout the discussion of how we are going to get the Phyphurion Queen, the Lavatama out of the Daggereyes captivity.

“-Then while we have Elizabeth and Zylea distracting the guards, Beck and Dylan will-” Allen was quickly cut off once I remembered something very crucial “ But guys...sorry All...have you all forgotten that we need to pick up the new member of our pod in Dublin before the attack. That's what Colonel Parker said and he also said that they would help us.”

“Ah dang it, I completely forgot” Beck whined.

“Yah and we need to find out what she's good at or what type of dragon -” I added before I was oh so graceful cut off by Sydney.” What if it's a he.”

“I don't know Syd then, It's a he”

“ But what if it's a she”

“ How about we call whoever the person is a heshe, is that fine with you” I question with a fake smile plastered on my face while I shot daggers at her.

Before Sydney could even retort a response Elizabeth beats her to it” Both of you shut up!”

Well then… could have at least said please, meanie.

We both just grumble in response while Elizabeth continues” We’ll head over to Dublin pick up this new rider and then figure out the plan from there.”

“Fine” we all chorused together.


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