The Ashes of War ( Chapter 3 ) - Josie

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

“Go into the clouds we are passing by war territory” Beck commanded as we neared the outer provinces of Dublin, war territory, where Pods not sent on special missions fought off Daggereyes that were trying to head near our base.

Just as we approached the inner provinces I heard someone from one of the watchtowers shout” It's Pod 48, let them through.” As the words were spoken the shield that was placed up to guard us from the enemy eye was lifted and what used to be a beautiful city was revealed. Just from flying by I could tell that we were suffering great losses. The streets were covered in trash and what used to be my favourite place allots a feeling of grief. So many of the people have gone off to war but it's such a struggle without the Maps to the Daggereyes headquarters. That's why Colonel Parker gave us our special mission to free the Lavatama, a pure white, beautiful dragon that blows freezing cold air and ice in an instant. Their beams of cold wind create a glow that is needed to unlock the maps by shining the light through it. The light would unlock the key to the maps of Daggereye territory and secret information.

As we land at top of the Capitol building and descend down the stairs to Colonel Parker's office I remember the note.

Wow, I can't get it out of my mind all night and then now when it's important I almost forget….so stupid..stupid.

“Uhh, Thea you okay?”Dylan questioned.

“Um yah why” I respond

“Cause you were kind off hitting yourself in the face saying you're stupid. Is something wrong” he says, concern etched across his face.

“Umm yeah I'm fine” I rub my shoulder awkwardly. He doesn't say anything but he does not look like he believes me, so I looked down at my feet.

I’ll just ask Parker what to do...yah.

When we reached the door we all took a deep breath and pushed through it. Sitting there was Colonel Parker who I like to call Mr.Mason. He practically took us all in as if we were his own children when we formed this pod six years ago. Sitting at his desk, backs facing us were a boy and a girl.

Mr.Mason looked up and smiled, finally recognising our presence in the room, “ Hey, glad to see you guys finally made it.” Most of the soldiers here find him scary but my pod and I know he's just a big softy.

He comes around giving us all hugs and when he finally reaches me I whisper in his “Can I talk to you privately later.”

He nodded his head still smiling and walked around to the two people who have now turned their heads our way, noticing our presence also. The girl had short red hair that hooked around the end of her neck and freckles covering her cheeks. She wore a heartwarming smile on her face, so I returned the favour. Unlike the girl, the boy had short black hair and has a deceitful smirk, I don't think I can trust him.

I leaned into Elizabeth's ear and whispered “I like the girl but I don't think we can trust the boy... at least not yet.” she shook her head in agreement.

They both stood up and Mr.Mason introduced us” This is Rachel and Escobar, they will be joining your pod as of now. Rachel, Escobar this is Elizabeth, Sydney, Allen, Thea, Beck, and Dylan.” he pointed at each of us as he told them our names.

“Cool but why are there two of them” questioned Sydney looking confused.

“Yeah, I specifically remember you saying we were going to have one new member,” Beck said, putting emphasis on the word one.

I was just thinking that...can he read my mind!!

“Actually none of you remembered, remember, I reminded you guys,” I say in a matter-of-factory tone, “ Wait do you guys know what this means. I was right it was a heshe because-”

“Thea calm yourself and to answer your question, it was originally only supposed to be Rachel to join, but General Tomlinson placed Escobar on the roster around two days ago. But why don't you guys get to know each other better while I have a chat with Thea.” Mr.Mason indicated for them to leave us alone.

The others left the room and Mr.Mason closed the door.

“So what did you need to discuss with me?” Mr.Mason asked.

“ Well yesterday when I went out to take the dragons to the steam I got a message and uhh,” I said.

“What did it say” he pushed on motioning for me to continue.

“ Well it was from Zayn and he was talking about the war and how all the dragons are gonna die. Then he said something about us playing a game of some sort. He also pressured for Dylan and me to join his side because it's going to be the end of the Taribi or something to that effect. I wasn't sure what to do and I haven't told everyone else yet and-” I rambled before I was cut off by him.

“ Hold on, can I see the note,” he asked sticking out his hand.

“Of course,” I say as I pull it out of my pants pocket and hand it over to him. He scanned over the paper and as he read it his face contorted into seriousness.

“You need to tell them, this could change the outcome of the mission.” he informed me.” And be sure to discuss the layout of your attack plan somewhere where no one else will be listening”.

“ Of course and thank you, we better get going if we wanna be gone by sundown,” I said as I gave him one last hug.

“Stay safe and good luck on the mission...and tell the others I said bye.” He waved at me as I excused myself from the room and wandered down the now packed halls until I saw them through the conference room window. They were all laughing and giggling.

Hmmmmmmm well I see. You guys get along perfectly fine without me. Not even caring if I was ok. Well, I can play that game, too.

I marched through the door arms crossed over my chest, nose stuck in the air and mouth forming a straight line as the whole room got silent. I continued until I realized there were no other chairs. I just stood there a moment and then decided to sit in the corner facing the wall.

Yah that will show them. Good idea Thea ..very good idea.

The room was still silent until I heard someone get up and poke me in the shoulder.

“Do you mind telling us what you're doing?” the voice of Allen said from behind me. I shook my head no.

“Do you want to look at us?” I still remained silent, staring straight into the crack in the wall and I could tell he was getting agitated. “Come on Thea just tell us what's wrong” Allen pushed.

“Why” I whined. “ I don't want to” I quickly turned around and covered my mouth.

“ Hah got you to talk.” Dylan laughed. I just sent him a glare.

You laugh, I'm trying to give you the silent treatment and you laugh.

“ You guys are all so mean” I huffed and followed Allen back to his seat, then sat on him.

“Oh no you don't” he commented picking me up and placing me on Dylan's lap who sat right next to him. I snuggled up into his chest then remembered something.“ Guys!Guys!Guys! Colonel Parker said for us to stay safe-”

“ Yeah, like that, 's so easy” Beck snorted.

“Shush woman. The most amazing person in the room is trying to talk here.” I sassed back “Anyways he said to stay safe and bye. He also said to go somewhere where no one will know our whereabouts and for me to show you something while we're there discussing our plans.”

“ Why can't you show us here” Aliyah questioned.

“ Because it's a secret silly” I said poking her nose and she laughed “ Oh and you have really pretty hair. I think we will be great friends.” I said hopping out of the room dragging Dylan with me.

I heard Escobar whisper to Beck ”Is she always like this.”


“ Most of the time, unless something is wrong. But that's why we love her, she brings everyone together and keeps us on our toes” Beck responded.

“ Aww thanks, Beckyboo” I gushed” Now come on.”

While we were walking up the stairs, I felt someone pull me back. I was about to scream until a hand covered my mouth and I turned to see the face of my brother, so I did the only thing a non sensible person like myself would do, lick his hand.

“Eww,” he cringed.

“I should be the one saying eww your hand taste nasty. And what do you want?” I asked eyebrows raised.

“That's why you shouldn't go around licking people's hands” he glared at me, then his gaze softened, “ Does what you're going to show us have anything to do with the talk with Mr Mason or why you were upset earlier?”

I shyly nodded my head. He let out a puff and said “Come on”


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