The Ashes of War - Josie

We were currently flying toward Mullinger again for the night when I spotted a fleet of Daggereye ships coming in from the south. Before I was able to say anything in warning, spears and traps were being shot at us from all angles.

“ Try to fly higher” Beck commanded.

Twilight and I zoomed by and twisted through all the arrows.

“Thea Move!” Dylan shouted but before I was able to do anything Twilight and I were caught in a trap. We tried twisting and turning but we couldn't get untangled. Twilight couldn't set fire to the ropes because if she did I would been burnt alive from the position we were in. They had finally drawn us onto their ship when my head banged into the floor of the deck and everything went black.


“Thea! Thea wake up! Wake up.” I heard a familiar voice say.

“What? Where am I?” I asked as I slowly opened my eyes only to be met with the blinding light. I quickly closed my eyes and tried to open them again. This time I was met with the face of my brother.

“ You were having a nightmare” he stated.

“ But it felt so real.” I said rubbing my hands down my face.

“ Once we reached Ohosis you passed out. I was so worried. Was it the flashback?” he questioned, his face contorted with concern as he handed me a cup with water. I just nodded my head. Every so often when I get really stressed, I would get a nightmare about the time when we first met before I discovered Dylan was my brother. I had been taken captive on our first mission onto an enemy ship and only moments later Dylan had been captured, too. The ship just so happened to belong to Morphion. We had gone through a living hell on that boat , but it had only brought us together.

I finally looked around and say everyone staring at me.

“ Don't stare at me like that ... it makes me feel uncomfortable.” I said as I slowly got up and sat in the circle surrounding the fire in between Rachel and Dylan.

Rachel turned to face me with a comforting smile, “ Are you okay?”

“Yah of course and thank you” I said smiling back at her.

“ Ok let's go over the game plan. First off, Racheal what kind of dragon do you have?” Elizabeth questioned.

“ She has a Invisamenta” Spencer says as everyone just looks at him confused except for Aliyah and me.

“ It's a northern dragon found only in the Packer Hills off Berk’s coast. They can turn invisible and anyone riding invisible for a period of time. Did you guys not pay attention in Dragon studies class.” I state.

Ohh I feel so smart. Is this how Allen feels all the time. It feels so nice like I'm in power. Maybe that's why he always acts like he's on top of the world.

“ Ohh yah I thought I recognized the species but I didn't know for sure.” Elisabeth comments.

“Oh sure you did I could tell by the dumb, confused look on your face just seconds ago” I rolled my eyes. She sends a glare my way so deadly that if looks could kill I would be 10 feet under right now. She opened her mouth to say something but Aliyah beat her to it.

“ Guys please stop fighting,” Rachel asks pleadingly.

“ We weren't fighting Rachel, we were just having ….a friendly debate.” I commented

“ Sure. So very friendly” Escobar exclaims clearly annoyed.

“ Excuse you mister poopie pants. What crawled-” I retorted before I was cut off by my brother.

“ Shut it Thea” Dylan says also sending me a glare. I frown in response.

Why is everyone mad at me, they started it.

“Take yo momma back” I contorted.

“That wasn’t even in context and we share the same momma,” Dylan said looking at me like I was crazy.

“I should of thought that through. Take yo daddy back” I retorted for some reason thinking I was so clever.

“ Thea we share the same mom and dad and they are both gone,” Dylan said in response to my stupid behavior.

I just scratched the back of my neck awkwardly and looked at the floor.

That did not go as planned I should have kept my mouth shut.. stupid smart-mouthed responses.

“Let's get back on track. Shall we” Elisabeth said rubbing her hands together, recovering from our “friendly debate” from earlier?

“Well first I need to show you guys something,” I started retrieving the note from my back pocket.

“ Where and when did you get that?” Allen asked.

“ I was getting to that. Last night a Sabertooth sent it to me when I was taking the dragons to the stream. It's from Zayn.” I state as I lock eyes with Dylan his face filling with confusion and fear. While everyone else looked at us with the same expression except for Rachel and Escobar. I sent them a look telling them I would explain later.

“Why didn't you tell us earlier,” Allen asked snatching the note from my hand.

“ I wanted to consol with Mr.Mason first to see what we should do with it,” I said as Allen's eyes flew over the paper widening as he got farther through the letter.

“ What does it say?” Dylan asks urgently.

“It says: Anabelle, I do hope you know that wherever you are my men will come down and hunt you. Whatever your planning will fail and you will only fall more into my trap. This will be a fun game to play especially with such skilled opponents. But in the end, all of your hard work will be your downfall and the end of the Tarabi and most certainly the death of your disgusting dragons. Remember you and your brother can always join the winning side dear cousin. Zayn”

“ This changes everything,” Beck says a sigh escaping his mouth.

Everyone looked frazzled except for Dylan, he was just staring at the wall. His behavior was concerning me because he is always the one to help me so now I think I've better take control and help him. I quickly sat up and ordered, “Spencer explain to Escobar and Aliyah our backstory and most importantly anything at has to do with Zayn or the Daggereyes. Don't start discussing the plan until I get back am I clear.” He nodded in confirmation and I pulled up Dylan to his feet and walked him out of the cave.

I looked at him, his head still looking to the ground where mud circled under his right foot creating rings in the dirty water. I pulled his head to look at me though he still had to look down, just not as far down.” Are you ok?”

He just nodded his head and looked back down.” Are you thinking about joining Zayn?” I questioned. He shook his head again. I let out a grunt” You are making it really difficult for me to help you.”

He lightly chuckled.

“ I'm fine I'm just worried something might happen to you. I mean I can't always be there to protect you and I definitely tell can't lose you again. You're all I have left.” He said worriedly enveloping me in a protective hug.

I tried consoling him. “ Your right you won't always be there but you have to trust that I will be able to take care of myself and right now all both I and our friends need from you is for you to be alright and back to your happy go lucky self,” I said hugging him back. “ And besides I would never let you get rid of me, now come on everyone's waiting” I gave him a comforting smile.

We strolled back into the cave and Beck immediately got up and had a quick chat with him in the corner in hushed voices. Dylan is probably closest to Beck right after me, they are like brothers and knew each other before I was reunited with Dylan. When they sat back down Allen nodded his head in a way asking if he could continue on and Dylan nodded back in confirmation.

“ Sooooo-” Spencer starts.

“ This changes everything. We are going to need to surprise them. I have a strong feeling that they are going to know that we are coming.” Elizabeth continued and drew out her map from her satchel. It had the island of Lawana drawn out with all sorts of information about where the Daggereyes are keeping the Lavatama.

“ So this is the plan” Beck and Elizabeth say at the same time with the same anticipated expression written across their face and all I can think is how perfectly everyone has their part within our pod, even I think Rachel and Escobar are going to fit in just fine, though I'm still questioning Escobar's existence.


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