XC Setting New Records

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

“Ever wonder what it’s like to be surrounded by Wonder Women ?... well that’s my life “

-Coach Balanos

As the spring sports season came to a close, there was one ESHS team that was sweeping the field and working harder than ever to win a gold. Our El Segundo Track Cross Country team had not only an astounding and incredibly successful season , but also a historical one. Through hard work and never ending practices both our both and girls teams were able to demolish in league finals ( Girls Varsity : 1st , Girls Frosh : 1st , Boys Frosh : 2nd , Boys Varsity : 3rd ).

This season was definitely one for the books as the Girls Varsity Team ( Sophia Zago, Letina, , Tyler, James, Nikki, Isabella, Erin, Gabby) were able to make ESHS history and place third in CIF State. They were also able to take finish off the season with some impressive wins by winning Ocean League Championships three years in a row, winning first at Hole in the Wall Seattle , and being the top team at Woodbridge Sweepstakes. Overall, we are incredibly proud of our Soaring Eagles and cannot wait to see what the bring in the Spring with the track team.

Sophia Zago -

" Xc is a huge part of my life (I mean it literally takes up so much of my time) and it is one of the biggest commitments I’ve ever made but we all work all season for races like state. This year, our goal was state. So that being said, being able to put all your effort, all your blood, sweat, and tears into a race you worked months for with some of your closest friends is like the ultimate battle or challenge you’ve been working towards. To be able to come out in third and see Coach B’s face made everything worth it in an instant. Every unmotivated moment, complaint, or injury was made well worth it after that moment when we finished the task we set out to do alongside the greatest teammates. "

James Matlosz -

" Most of the girls didn’t want to believe that we had made the podium until it was official because it was a super close finish, but in my heart I knew we had done it from the moment Coach B said it was going to be close. The best part of third place was that we could do it for Coach B! Yes, it is awesome to say we got third, but we couldn’t have done 

With all of the hard work and dedication of all of the other girls, I am so proud to call them my teammates and friends!"

Sophia Jones -

" I am a sophomore and this was my first year running cross country. It was definitely difficult and physically taxing, but I ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would. Our cross country team and program are really good, and I’m really proud of how our team did this season (especially the varsity girls). They got third at state and everyone’s super proud of them. I’m also proud of our freshman and their potential, because they are all amazing and super hard-working. If anyone could end up beating our varsity, it would be our freshman in the next years to come."

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