You Can Make A Difference Club

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Club Presidents (left to right): Ellie Gonzalez, Lauren Davis, and Suey Diep

-Q:"What inspired you to start your club?"

-A: “We both were inspired to help the community, and to help the world somehow”

YCMAD Club, or “You Can Make a Difference” Club, is a group partnered with UNICEF that is focused on bringing change to the community. Led by Suey Diep and Eliana Gonzalez, the club donates money and supplies to UNICEF to aid local peoples in need.

In January, YCMAD wrapped up their drive to aid victims of human trafficking; they collected toiletries, sanitary products, and clothing. In December they held a bake sale to raise money for UNICEF. Currently, they are planning on teaching a self-defense class in April to commemorate Sexual Assault Awareness month.

Clearly, this club and these people are passionate about “advocating for [their] rights”. Besides, they are super sweet too. If you are looking for a club to join, YCMAD Club would love to have you. Eliana Gonzalez says: “Our club is really inclusive and we accept anybody. If anybody wants to join, come to K201!” And Suey pitched in that: “We are all very united. Our main goal is to make an impact on the world.”

Come make a difference!


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