Grace Ringuette, Freshman Spotlight

Your hard work and dedication to your academics and sports deserve recognition. Your dedication to Robotics and engineering makes you who you are. You are known around campus as an excellent role model. Congratulations on Student of the Month!

Keep on Being You!

Abi Layne,  Sophmore Spotlight

You radiate positivity to your peers and you are such an amazing person to be around! You have helped our class in so many ways possible, you were always helping during float building, you dress up every spirit day, you actively participate with 2021 events, and show so much class spirit! We are so lucky to have someone like you in our grade! Congrats again, Abi, 2021 loves you!!

Eliana Gonzalez,

Junior Spotlight

Ellie Gonzalez is an amazing engineer, artist, student, and friend. In every class, Ellie is always willing to help other students. As well as having a key role in our engineering pathway, Ellie also exhibits her creativity and eye for beauty on her photography account on instagram. At school, Ellie is kind to everyone and greets everyone with a smile. Her happy and sweet demeanor radiates through our school and spreads to other students.

Alisa Flores,

Senior Spotlight

You are so hardworking

and passionate with all that you do. Whether you are in the pool or in the classroom, you always persevere and never back down from a challenge. Your infectious laughter and bright smile always light up the room. Thank you for being an amazing member of the senior class!!


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